A Different Approach
for Changing Times

“You never change things by fighting against the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete.”

Buckminster Fuller
20th century inventor and visionary

The Jersey City Wave
Shepard Fairey, 2015

Are you a nonprofit, social enterprise/entrepreneur seeking to raise larger and more viable sources of funding?

Is your Professional/Industry Association seeking new revenue sources?

Are you an entrepreneur, business or community leader committed to driving economic activity and revitalization in your geographical area?

Is your philanthropy program delivering the impact you expected?

Would you like to invest in projects that create positive social change and earn a financial return?

Then Melarbit is the resource you have been searching for.

Melarbit Impact Partners leads the way in harnessing and aligning the full range of resources you’ll need to activate and accelerate your vision for social impact and community change.

We’re positive disruptors, challenging firmly held beliefs that force us to choose between mission or money. With us, you can activate your mission AND money goals to start and scale impactful fundraising and philanthropic initiatives and social ventures.

From concept to completion, Melarbit collaborates with change makers and community builders – nonprofits, entrepreneurs and investors – to realize their commitment to a more just, prosperous, and inclusive world.

It's a journey we’ve been on for more than 30 years. I hope you will join us.

What Type of Change Maker are You?

Regardless of what type of change maker or community builder you are, you will need:

  • Philanthropic and other financial and non-financial resources
  • A rich network or ecosystem of colleagues and collaborators
  • A clear vision, strategy and roadmap to achieve your goals

As your coach and consultant, Melarbit will collaborate with you to:

Raise Funds

Develop and leverage philanthropic and other financial resources including assets and impact investments.

Expand Your Network

Unlock and engage the full community of impact players and partners – nonprofits, small business and corporate partners, entrepreneurs, and investors.

Develop a Viable Strategy

Create a pathway to achieve your goals.

Learn more about our impact and work.

Featured Project:

Pride Center of Staten Island

Pride Center of Staten Island

What We DO:

Start and scale impactful fundraising & philanthropic initiatives and social ventures. We have a special interest and focus on local community and economic development initiatives.

Support a new, more inclusive generation of fundraising and philanthropic leaders – to deliver impact and live/leave a legacy.

Drive innovation in the philanthropic and social sectors.

About Melarbit Impact Partners, Inc.

Chelsea Duffy, Assemblywoman Angela McKnight, Bruce Arbit at weekly food drive hosted by AngelaCares

Melarbit Impact Partners is a specialized team of colleagues, collaborators, and consultants. We work closely with our mission-driven nonprofit, entrepreneur, and investor clients to harness and align the full range of resources they need to solve social/health problems, revitalize neighborhoods and build community.

Across multiple sectors and industries, our team has started and scaled transformative fundraising and philanthropic initiatives and social ventures, often at pivotal times, with more than $200 million raised.

Established in 2006, Melarbit is recognized for its entrepreneurial approach and has built a reputation as a trusted source for fresh, innovative services and solutions.

Meet the Melarbit Impact Partners Team


Bruce Arbit

Founder, Principal

Since graduating from business school, Bruce has been on a mission to combine his business and entrepreneurial interests with a deep sense of purpose and place. His journey during the past three decades has opened him to a career in marketing, fundraising, and philanthropy along with involvement in a series of family-owned food businesses.

Through his company, Melarbit Impact Partners, Bruce has been able to integrate these different pursuits to help nonprofits, entrepreneurs and investors move from transaction to transformation. Whether it’s adapting fundraising best practices to drive revitalization in Newark, Asbury Park, Jersey City, NJ, or the Berkshires; engaging and activating a new generation of philanthropic and community leaders; or unlocking new resources – including his own – he is driven by a deep commitment to social and economic mobility in underserved communities.

Melarbit Partners, an homage to his family’s namesake, draws from firmly held family values and hard-earned life-lessons.


Mary Ann Ludwig


Mary Ann has extensive senior level development experience in the nonprofit health sector, giving her particular insights and expertise to advance our clients’ goals. She is the team’s head writer and editor, crafting strategic communications, ranging from solicitations, stewardship and annual reports.


Chelsea Duffy

Campaign Coordinator

With firm roots in Hudson County and social impact projects, Chelsea develops and executes multi-channel marketing campaigns for Melarbit and its clients. In this capacity she creatively communicates organizational effectiveness to broaden reach and secure resources.

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