Taking advantage of and in many cases creating opportunity is the hallmark of a seasoned and successful resource development effort. Because as in most endeavors, momentum, is everything.

Over the past several weeks, I’ve had many conversations with a common theme. What does it take to create traction and realize success? Is it about planning, timing or should I just go for it? Do I need some new tool or technology?

In my experience, momentum shapes just about everything else, especially when it comes to raising (BIG) money and achieving lasting impact. Seizing those moments of organizational life to galvanize attention and resources for broad, lasting change is more art than science. And while there is no script and a lot of it is likely beyond our control, there are conditions that can be created:

Know where you’re going: Yes, the ‘V’ word, Vision. I’m not talking about anything mysterious or futuristic. For me it’s about being able to see and articulate where I want to be at some future date. If I can’t picture it I can’t achieve it, never mind engage others.

Understand how you will get there: It seems everyone is planning for something. But don’t lose sight of the goal – especially at the beginning- to build momentum. Identifying a critical moment in time – a milestone anniverary; new venture or business opportunity; a pending change in leadership must be integrated into any planning effort if you want to motivate and empower others.

Recognize what it will take to get there. Unfortunately, this often does not receive the attention it requires. Identifying the resources needed to realize your goals, will certainly inlcude money. And more: capacity.


2014_0828_BruceArbit_Portrait_106Points of transition in our internal or external environment bring about disruption. They also are usually the only thing that propels us forward. Don’t forego these valuable growth opportunities. Seize the moment and build momentum.

Of course, the real work is putting one step in front of another, day after day - defining your value and refining your case for support; developing your professional and volunteer leadership; and building a culture of opportunity, where everyone at every level is empowered to expand opportunities and be a change-maker.

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September 22, 2014 in More Than Money

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