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Melarbit was established to help mission-based enterprises, entrepreneurs and investors maximize the catalytic role of private philanthropy in order to achieve truly transformative social impact.

Over the past several years, innovations in philanthropy that combine private market approaches with charitable giving, blended-value impact investment vehicles, and social enterprises of all forms and fashion have served to re-define philanthropy and provide new sources of financial capital to address social problems. The result is a range of capital sources that when combined, or ‘blended’ can provide innovative new, creative financing options for organizations, entrepreneurs and investors committed to expand the reach and impact of their work. Some of these options include:

  • social investing strategies (mission-related/program-related/impact investing, equity, and loan guarantees)
  • public/private financing (public sector contracts and tax credits)
  • private philanthropy (charitable gifts and grants that seek to maximize social impact)
  • pure commercial options (investments that seek to maximize returns)
  • earned income strategies (creating enterprise-driven revenue streams)

  • Click here to learn more about the spectrum of capital available for social good.

    Click here to read more about the social investment fund we developed including a graphic, to attract a variety of capital providers motivated by both financial and social return.

    What we do:

    Specific Services include:


    We help mission-based enterprises, entrepreneurs and investors bring to bear all of the resources, financial and otherwise, needed to advance a project, cause or interest area.

    • Customized Capitalization Planning and Strategy Development
    • Market Research and Philanthropic/Social Investor Analysis
    • Stakeholder Strategic Conversations
    • Organizational Positioning and Case Development Initiatives/Materials
    • Strategic Partnerships and Donor Collaborative
    • Blended Capital Social Investing
    • Strategic Communications including online and Social Media
    • Funder/Thought Leader Convenings

    Sector leadership and new resources to finance capital projects and support long-term enterprise growth.