Fundraising  |  Strategic Philanthropy|  Community Investing

Melarbit's fundraising is based on more than 25 years of professional fundraising, marketing and management experience with an emphasis on major giving and more than $100 million raised for a variety of grass-roots, national and international organizations. Melarbit uses fundraising best practices and the fundraising process itself to not only generate funds but more strategically to position organizations for maximum impact and long-term sustainability.

What we do:

Specific Services include:


Prepare, position and launch major fundraising initiatives.

  • Organizational Planning/Strategy Development  
  • Fundraising Business Planning
  • Philanthropic/Social Investor Market Assessments
  • Capacity Building Activities
  • Interim Staffing Needs
  • Feasability Studies and Campaign Consultations
  • Prospect Identification/Audience Expansion Initiatives
  • Organizational Positioning and Case Development Initiatives
  • Board/Executive Leadership Development and Training
  • Fundraising Execution
  • Funder/Investor/Thought Leader Convenings

  • A well defined plan for growth and fund development 
  • A stronger more successful fundraising program
  • A clear, compelling case for support
  • Significant new financial resources/expanded base of supporters