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Melarbit’s community investing activities connect/convene funders, investors, community/thought leaders to local issues and community investing opportunities. The ultimate goal is to build a community of informed, like-minded leaders and supporters.

Traditionally defined, community investing puts money at risk or on deposit with the expectation of repayment with a financial return, for the purpose of helping low/moderate and under-served people and places. Some of the more common activities that community investors fund are: job creation; business start-up and growth; safe and affordable housing; community facilities; charter schools; community wealth creation. Click here for more information about Options and Innovations in Community Investing.

Melarbit builds upon this tradition to expand civic participation, stimulate funding/investing to build strong, healthy and vital local communities.

What we do:

Specific Services include:


Connect community/thought leaders and social investors including a range of individual impact investors, private philanthropic foundations, government entities, and academic institutions to issue areas, mission-based enterprises and entrepreneurs.


Funder/Investor Convenings

Market Research and Market Positioning

  • Informed Leaders/Funders/Investors
  • New Funding and Capital Identified
  • Stronger, Healthier Communities