What We Do

Bruce Arbit and Patrick Morrissy reviewing plans for a new, upcoming project.

COLLABORATE: We are hands-on partners who use everything at our disposal, including our own resources and networks, to achieve your goals.


PREPARE: Using a business planning discipline we build momentum by leveraging your most immediate assets and opportunities. During this phase we also assess the organization’s funding/financial needs and build capacity for long-term viablity.


ORGANIZATIONAL POSTIONING: Based on a clearly defined value proposition, we develop the narrative and create the fundraising materials to attract new resources with an emphasis on engaging strategic partners and attracting high-net worth individuals/supporters.


CONVENE: These activities connect enterprises, entrepreneurs and issue areas to major funders and stakeholders, including a range of individual donors and social investors; private philanthropic foundations; corporate supporters; social/community investors; thought/community leaders.


LAUNCH: We raise funds by packaging the organizational priorities and engaging different philanthropic/social investor audiences.

Meetup dinner photo2


BLOG (More than Money): A monthly online newsletter and blog to challenge fundraising and philanthropic norms, and to build and support a community of mission-driven change-makers.





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